Caia Park
Community Council

Donations 2016

The Community Council are empowered under s137 & 139 of the Local Government Act 1972 to make grants to organisations provided that, in the opinion of the Council, it is in the interests of the area or its inhabitants and will benefit them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure. The total amount the Council can donate in any financial year has an upper limit set by Welsh Assembly Government. The amount the Council actually commits to spend on donations in any one year will be dependant upon competing budget demands.

 TOTAL BUDGET (Grants 2016/17) - £15,000.00

SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT Caia park Partnership £8,000.00
(Youth services)     


  Expenditure Cumulative Total
Annbraize Morris Dancers 250.00 250.00
Caia Park Environmental Group (Gardening Comp) 495.00 745.00
Caia Park Environmental Group (Christmas Activities) 100.00 845.00
Caia Park & Hightown Early Years (CPP) 305.00 1150.00
Caia Park & Hightown Early Years (CPP) (Christmas Activities) 598.00 1748.00
FC Queens Park (Goods excl VAT) 713.82 2461.82
North Wales Miners Assoc Trust 500 2961.82
Pentre Gwyn & Tan y Coed Pensioners Group 1550.00 4511.82
Royal British Legion 50.00 4561.82
Wrexham Veterans Crowdfunding Pledge (Colours restoration) 500.00 5061.82